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Dear friends .

It is very difficult to write about my self , but it seems to be that i have to do so, I am an Arab who live in Israel i am Palestinian with the Israeli citizenship, that sound strange to many i know ,but this is the situation of one million Arab who did not left Palestine in 1948 when Israel did get her independence, this made the situation is very complicated to many of the Arabs .So today it's not easy to be in this situation although our situation is not that bad like in west bank and Gaza strip, but we still looking for our civil rights by the laws in Israel.

I am married since august 93 , I have three wonderful kids every one of them is a story by his own.

FATMA is my oldest daughter ,she was born in 30/7/95 she is very smart girl although some times she insist that she is a boy ,an influence from her brothers ,maybe jealousy.

My second boy is Altaeeb he was born in 13/9/96 it was Friday ,so people who are pessimistic because of the thirteen they have the chance to say that it is true , it was 13 and Friday anyway i don't believe on that at all ,Altaeeb was born with medical problem in his kidney ,they stopped function when he was about five months, this had made a real and big problem to deal with in my life ,suddenly we realized that it is not easy to live as before e started to learn many things new ones like making dialysis to him and staying a lot in hospital away from home ,we were afraid from any infection that may cause for death to him ,but we never lost a hope ,we were very strong dealing with the situation until one day in the early morning the telephone start ringing ,in the other side was doc DINEL LANDUE from beer sheva hospital saying we have to run to schnider hospital in Tel aviv ,they found a kidney for Altaeeb ,we were happy ,but afraid, we could see him for the last time if some thing goes wrong and we were very sad knowing the story of the boy who was shot by an Israeli soldier in the west bank his name was ALE

ALJARUSHE and his father agreed to donate his body to other to have a normal life . He was seven years old ,he just left the home for minutes to buy a sweet thing to him from the shop near his home and he never came back .



My third boy called Altaher he was born in 25/11/97 while Altaeeb were in the hospital he is very cute and we still don't know which type of person he will be for sure he got a lot of similarity from Fatma.

he is healthy thank to Allah "God" .



  many persons in life gives me a push ahead ,but few only that they had made a lot of influence one of them is my father who always pushed to see the things in different aspect, and trying always not to judge any thing as right or wrong only after seeing all the facts,and never being afraid to accept new and strange things .

My father was born in 1924 as an only son for his father till he was 24 years old his father get married ,(his first wife died soon my father was born) and then he had another tow brothers and sister ,till his sister became a young woman then he could marry with my mother that happened in 30/10/62.

I was born in 31/10/63 as the first son ,my father always wanted a big family so he has a 7 boys and 5 girls ,he gave every one of us the chance to study . he believed that education is the answer for every thing in this life

for his memory, and for every thing that he had done to us we will remember him and love him always.


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