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The NGO of EL-khaoarizmi for high education was formed in 1992 and formally registered in 1994 , A majority of its members are academic graduates from universities in Israel and abroad . among the members are teachers ,school principles(elementary and high school) ,doctors,research fellows as well as other specialized fields in education and search .

The concentration of academic activities within this NGO provides a unique opportunity for the organization to deal with educational ,cultural , and contemporary issues as well as to plan future programs.

There for it is of special importance that the ngo expand its activities throughout the negev,this is a particularly crucial as members of the NGO are academic graduates ,both males and females,from both recognized and non recognized settlements .this NGO has the strength and effectiveness in the fields which it plans to develop towards positive results .

The administrative committee consists of one representative for each ( recognized) Bedouin settlement. This committee meets once a month and executes plans and policies that have been accepted by the group. In addition ,this committee meets with members of other NGO's in various Bedouin settlements ,consulting and exchanging information.

Goals of the NGO

1-increase recognition of the importance of higher education among the Bedouin in the negev .

2-Ensure the continuation of Bedouin students to higher education through financial aid information and moral support

3-Aiding graduate students in finding suitable employment according to their appropriate skills.

4-Encouraging high school students to continue their education by offering special classes in necessary professions

5- Encouraging and expanding discussions on mutual respect and understanding among the Bedouin as means of narrowing the social gap in a transforming society.

NGO Activities.

1)Project of financial aid for Arab students of the negev who are studying in Israel and abroad.

a) Counseling for students.

b)Maintaining regular correspondence with the students.

c) Offering financial aid particularly to those students learning professions that are of urgent need in Bedouin society .

d) organizing trips for students , during the summer ,through Israel as a means to learn about Israeli society and economy.

e) Counseling concerning educational possibilities, employment and related issues .

2) Activities geared to encourage young Bedouin women in order to continue their education :

a) special meeting that deal with relevant issues for young Bedouin women . these meeting are open to females whose families would oppose male/ female mixed classes.

b) offering encouragement and explanations for those families who hesitate to send their daughters to university studies.

c) offering special scholarships for young women ( in addition to scholarship offered to the general student body).

d) social advertising in order to find young women who are interested in continuing their studies , particular emphasis is on professions needed by the Bedouin society ( medicine,social work ,psychology).

3) three year project preparing superior high school students offering courses in science , English social and cultural programs ,offering special trips for students to universities and higher educational facilities.

4) medical and environmental awareness : visiting medical laboratories , hospitals , and chemical factories . also encouraging high school students to work as volunteers in medical institutions and activities for keeping a healthy environment.