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Dear friends from every where.

Welcome to my modest home page, Benvenuto alla mia pagina

In Arabic we say "ahlan washlan" it is the same as welcome . in this page i will try to provide you the information that is needed to many of you to know about the Arabs in Israel and specially the Bedouin in the Negeve , most of the information that will be provided here is by my own efforts ,some of that will be by others ,most of the informative things will be ready in the next month ,that because i have to write a lot of information which take a lot of time , normally the most will be in English , but any way there will be in Arabic , Italian and some other language.

For the best i am trying to give the best of me ,and i will forget for the moment when i am writing here the whole story about any information to say and write the truth and facts only .

Please feel free to send me your advice and any thing that make this site better and i will be thanking you from my deep heart.

New researchs ( African palastinian)

Any suggestions feel free to e-mail me:

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