Historical background :

In the wake of Israeli government expropriation of Negev Bedouin lands,seven settlements were established for the resettlement of Bedouin who had been removed from their villages . The biggest of these settlements is Rahat .

Rahat was established in 1972 in the north of the Negev . From its establishment until 1989 Rahat was managed by Israeli government appointees.

Rahat is the largest of seven permanent settlements set up to concentrate the negevs Bedouin population . its population today is 28000 which is 52% of the Bedouin population living in approved municipal centers or 9% of the negev's overall Bedouin population , the municipal area covers 9000 dunams .The local council was set-up in 1980 and the first elections held in 1989. in June 1994 Rahat was officially recognized as a city .

The city council consists of 17 members representing 6 lists ( brotherhood & equality , Islamic movement , democratic Arab party , reform & changing, trust & hope , alnahda)

The name in Arabic means a group of people living together.


Rahat's society is regarded as a young one. Fifty-seven percent of population is under the age of seventeen .The education department faces this challenge with strategic planning which aims to prepare the education system for the 21 st century .There are presently 10000 pupils in the school system,encompassing kindergartens through high schools.

The local authority concentrates its efforts on encouraging students to pursue a university education and on fostering students interest in subjects which the council feels will contribute to the growth and improvement of rahat' s society and institutions.To this end ,the council grants yearly scholarships and helps arrange admission to universities throughout the world.

The educational system serves the city and the peoples living around the city it includes 15 kindergartens , 30 preschools two rehabilitation kindergartens , 10 primary schools three junior high schools , a three high schools and Technical school , in addition there are four treatment centers.

Alzahra primary school





high school

The first one which is the oldest too and serves all of the city about 600 people study in this school


The only technical school in rahat city which serves all the city and some other Bedouin from the negev




Ibn khaldon primary school






Most of the schools in rahat city has an Islamic names or names that come from the history of the Islam .


Arab Bedouin society is rich in cultural and folklore activities .Rahat has extensive cultural and sports activities organized by the community and the local authority . These activities include Bedouin dance ,song and theater troupes , painting classes , youth and informal education programs ,basketball football and other groups .


Through the welfare department ,the local authority takes care at the city's social problems .The department launched several social projects such as : Youth say no to drugs ,Help for the girls in distress , school completion and qualification programs , day care for mentally challenged children a center for seniors and other activities .

Here some of the picture for Rahat city


This is the symbol of Rahat city which include many of the symbolic things which come from the Bedouin tradition .



The main square in the middle of the city





  The main garden in the city which was the first in the Arabs city in the south , its used even in many occasions ,because it has in it a good stage and place for the public .




The culture center





The mayor of Rahat city

Shechk Jumaa' Elkesasi

he was elected first time in 1989 and this the second time he was elected in 1998 for another period